Some might place me in a
luminist tradition, where capturing momentary light and colors that interact in the picture are of special importance.  On an impulse I often go out to draw a dramatic sunset on large sheets of paper, using my favorite medium of recent years, pastels.  I am captivated by the pleasure of how they merge drawing strokes with painting.




Blue Evening, Pastel, 11" x 25"


It is wonderful living near the ocean in Bridgehampton in eastern Long Island among inspiring pastoral landscapes that inspire me to work in a form that could be called “painterly realism”.  At heart I am something of an Impressionist who responds lovingly to views looking out my rustic garden and adjacent fields of wild grasses.  The changing light and shapes of clouds fascinate me, and inspire numerous quick sketches.

Sunset At Long Beach, Pastel, 10" x 13"


Watercolor, acrylics and oils, as well as collages, cover the varied mediums I choose to work in at different times.  I feel it is important for people to experience the joy that they often get from my work, from my artist’s vision.  Thus I exhibit regularly in regional group shows, and have had over 22 solo shows at established galleries.  I open my studio for studio tours, and welcome visitors and possible new collectors by appointment.  Since I enjoy painting some of the local old barns, I originated a traveling show of artists’ barn paintings titled, Agricultural Cathedrals:  Long Island Barns


Butter Lane: Barn, Pastel, 12* X 18*


I teach at my studio and periodically in area educational facilities, and enjoy giving slide lecture presentations of my work.  I have also done some commissioned murals.  For many years I lived in New York City and will always be captivated by Manhattan’s jagged rooflines and varied architecture and people.  It has spawned a whole body of my work.  I am in several Who’s Who and many corporate collections including Meiji Sensei Asset Managers in Rockefeller Center; Donaldsen, Lufkin & Jeanrette, Jersey City, New Jersey; Satra Corporation Multiple Sclerosis Foundation; U.S. Trust. Co. and others in New  York City, IBM Houston, Texas, and over 335 private collections.

East River, Watercolor, 12" X 18"

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